My experience is that leaders typically have two to three “Critical Few Objectives” on a list of things that require focus in the organization. What’s your business focus? These are my four areas of consulting expertise. Improvement in performance involves closing gaps that can be hidden and therefore all the more treacherous.

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High Performing Teams

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I live in Portland, Oregon, where the Cascade Mountains and one of its most impressive peaks, Mount Hood, are almost fixtures in the neighborhood. They are a constant reminder that closing performance gaps requires a tactical approach that is a lot like selecting the right climbing gear.

The Signature Programs (treks) that you’ll find here are individualized. The “gear” consists of assessments I’ve used for many years to establish a baseline or standard by which progress will be measured. This means that we develop solutions that pertain to you, your unique organization and people. The other thing about these treks is that they are multi-dimensional, just like the mountains. However, these three dimensions are: working online on your own, with colleagues or teammates and with a guide. That is the key to changing habits and behavior, and it is what this learning is all about.

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