Signature Program:

Team Synch™


I’ve made a career of working with teams that wanted to improve their performance by learning how to work “in synch.”

Whether this conjures up images (and hopes) for your executive team, committee, board of directors, work group, department or special project, all will benefit from this trek.

In order to complete the trek and close the gaps in group dynamics, several related “climbs” help us work together (ideally in person) in order to review, adapt, plan and, in some cases, practice. As you know, practice makes permanent.

Depending on the size of the group, three to four workshops, ideally in person, focus on understanding the output of selected individual and group assessments (see Gear) and making practical applications to increase both personal and collective productivity.

The climbs in this trek are:


Individual assessment and team view of behavior style, individual assessment of motivation and personal skills

Individual assessment of the team’s degree of interaction

Leader’s “Weigh In”

Individual assessment of “Modus Operandi” (M.O.), a person’s instinctive way of taking action to solve a problem or rise to a challenge. This is business everyday, right?

Performance Metrics


The Performance Metrics trek is a powerful way of identifying and solving team performance issues. It’s designed for senior leaders who have a working knowledge of Kolbe and want to quantify productivity and efficiency in their organizations.

A comprehensive report (Kolbe Leadership Analytics™) and the discussions that accompany it constitute what I describe to clients as the “financial plan of human capital.” After working extensively with a wide variety of teams, Kolbe developed advanced algorithms and new diagnostic instruments to zero in on specific obstacles to team success. These innovations deliver powerful, practical advice to help leaders leverage the conative strengths on any team, department or organization.

Using Kolbe A, B and C indexes, a complex software suite generates up to 75 pages of bottom-line metrics including:

Productivity Factors such as Conative Cloning, Missing Methods and Polarization – all of which can hinder team synergy.

Efficiency Factors like Combined Strain and Combined Tension, which signal mismatches between team members’ natural strengths and perceived or required job demands.

Conables® Tips that provide leaders specific tactics and strategies for getting team members to work in their conative grooves.

Graphical Charts and Spreadsheets that provide a handy visual representation of individual strengths and critical team success issues.

On this trek we go far beyond conventional “team tune up” exercises that feel good at the time but don’t change anything. If you are a business person who makes decisions with relevant facts and data, Performance Metrics will give you bottom line information and specific strategic advice to leverage the human assets side of your balance sheet.


This trek requires a substantial list of climbing gear so that we can generate the mission critical Leadership Analytics™ reports:


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