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Facilitate™ has helped thousands of professionals to stop selling and start facilitating. Why? Because the client has changed dramatically and old ways simply do not work. What is Advisor 2.0? A professional charged with new business development in consultative relationships who is forward thinking and open to change. Is that you? I am the creator of Facilitate, a unique performance experience.



The journey begins with a diagnostic assessment called Benchmark, revealing your results on ten performance points (qualities and skills) that define an Expert Facilitator of Decision Making, based on the results of more than 5,000 professionals who, regardless of their profession, product or service differentiate and cause them to be highly successful. Unlike other assessments, it is prescriptive, showing you where the gaps are so that you can close them. BENCHMARK is also your personal roadmap for the learning program that follows.

There are two versions of BENCHMARK for leaders:
Potential for Growth gives hiring managers a discussion of results for each candidate who takes a Benchmark assessment.

Group Benchmark is a composite or team view of five or more professional (individual) benchmarks.


Expert Facilitators have a process that mirrors the way prospective clients really want to make decisions – the conversations (what) and sequence (when) they desire. Years of research has proved that this process makes people emotionally satisfied and decisive. But before you learn to effectively guide or lead the Conversations, you will close the gaps (your BENCHMARK results) and master four essential techniques. CONVERSATIONS is an online multi-dimensional learning program, in a personalized library of more than thirty short (4 to 5 minute) recordings that you access on your own time. Expect higher levels of early adoption and execution when you add private coaching sessions with your own Guide & Chief Performance Officer (Linda).



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