Client Testimonials

What clients say about Linda and her signature consulting programs.

"Linda and I have been colleagues for more than 20 years. I have encouraged most of my business clients to engage her unique assessment and team-making skills, and in the process of those engagements I have honed my client-focused skills with Linda’s process. I give her my highest recommendation when the objective is optimizing the potential for work teams - or developing the skills necessary to truly work in a collaborative advisor/client long-term relationship - what we call “Advisor 2.0."

Richard M. Weber, MBA, CLU, AEP®
President, The Ethical Edge, Inc.
Past President of the 12,000 member Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP)
Pleasant Hill, CA

"Through a consortium of investment professionals, I met Linda Stimac in 2010. From the beginning I was impressed with her work history, but what was most impressive was her entrepreneurial spirit. Over a number of years she and her husband, John created a learning program known as RainmakerDNA (Facilitate™). I was fortunate enough to be able to take the course and the bonus was that Linda was our coach. For me, the coursework was beneficial to understanding whether or not I could "make rain"/sell. I learned a lot about myself as we went through each of the modules. Through Linda's tutelage, I found my Achilles Heel and my natural talent for selling. The parts of the course that made me the most uncomfortable were clearly where the growth needed to happen. Linda gave me clear guidance and excellent suggestions that helped me overcome my perceived obstacles. I credit Linda for much of my success in the financial services business to this day. I still use the RainmakerDNA model in my practice. Linda has proven to be a person willing to put in the hard work to help others help themselves."

Kathryn E. Hayden
Financial Services Professional

"Our financial advisors learned what I did a few years earlier. The price of admission in business is the ability to frame questions that lead to getting a decision, whether it is a Yes or a No. In any profession, it is an essential part of ‘selling yourself,’ whether you’re in a corporate role or a sales role. Learning this one thing transformed my career."

George I. Connolly
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Group
Securian Financial Services
St. Paul, MN

"Linda Stimac’s Facilitate provides a methodology to develop the necessary communication skills for today’s professional advisor. The initial assessment is both diagnostic and prescriptive giving the advisor in-depth insight into their own level of expertise while pointing them toward even greater competency. In this day of information overload, effective personal communication is the key to building relationships with tomorrow’s consumer."

John Gilliam, Ph.D., MBA, CFP©, CLU©
Associate Professor
Director of Master's Programs
Texas Tech University
Department of Personal Financial Planning

"The Group Benchmark was an invaluable tool to help me reinforce positives that were clearly identified. Just as important, I learned exactly what was missing for each associate to reach his or her highest potential. Now that I have the answers, I do a better job of steering them in the right direction. I uncovered some problems in our group in terms of outlook and self esteem. This enabled me to address it directly so that these associates became more accountable and felt better about themselves and their work."

Jim Kinney
Vice President, Luxury Home Portfolio
Baird & Warner (formerly Rubloff Residential Properties)
Chicago, IL

"The things that are most important to any sales leader are the qualities identified in The Benchmark. If an advisor isn’t healthy in these critical areas, there is no need to move forward. I really like the way Facilitate™ prepared our internal sales managers to be the coaches of the learning program. This enabled us to be the heroes and make sure it worked in our culture."

Sandra Usleman
Senior Vice President, Chief Sales Officer
USI Insurance Services
Austin, TX

"Our Board of Directors sponsored Linda and Facilitate™ for our brokerage managers and their agents because it was not sales training.  Instead it is a true consultative learning program, and that is exactly what we wanted. Long term sustainable results don’t happen in a two-day workshop or on a $39.95 CD. We also liked the fact that the program begins with an assessment – and most business leaders are used to conducting an analysis before making any important decision."

The Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB)
Chicago, IL



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