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I want you to SEE the insertion of the word “people” into what is historically all about multiples (how much can I sell for?), operational systems, timelines and legal structure. You can find thousands of companies and consultants to help you with that side of the succession ledger – and it is important.

What about the people issues that you and your organization will face in succession? In my experience, there is not enough attention paid to this side of the ledger – the human assets side of your succession plan balance sheet. That is why this trek is designed to help you avoid the very real pitfalls that can derail or crash your succession plan.

To help you understand this side of the ledger more clearly, let me ask you some questions:

How will you quantify so that you can optimize productivity in your existing team(s) during the time of succession?

Which roles will be critical during the succession? What new roles will be necessary? What changes or additions will occur in some current roles?

What Method of Operation (“M.O.”) must the new leader of your organization possess naturally in order to assume the reins? Your M.O.? A different way of taking action?

What will you do to ensure that (New) Client Acquisition continues, especially if you have been the Chief Rainmaker? Who will do this? Are they skilled what I call “Advisor 2.0” – that is, the skills necessary to facilitate decision making today, not as it was done 30, 20, or even 10 years ago (Advisor 1.0)? How will they develop the skills and process required to be Expert Facilitators of Decision Making?

Your succession will unleash organizational change. How will you prepare yourself and your executive team to lead it? Leading change is ascending the mountain with everyone following because they have commitment and conviction. Managing change is hunkering down in one spot, hoping to avoid the avalanche that is sure to come.

Don’t overlook the sheer power that you must harness in your people and lead forward as part of your succession plan.

Programs and Gear

This trek should begin as soon as you know that you know you are moving toward succession. That might be 7 years from now, or, in some situations, it is a sudden decision, and you need immediate assistance. We will draw from the signature programs (and related gear) that are best suited for your organization and customize them to your unique situation:

Executive Team Synch
Performance Metrics
Talent Acquisition
Client Acquisition
Change Leadership


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