Signature Program: CHANGE LEADERSHIP


Since 63.3% of U.S. executives (in companies of all sizes) will retire in the next five years, one thing is certain: organizational change will affect just about all of us, whether we are the retiree, a member of the executive team or an employee.

As the senior leader/leadership team, how do you get from current to outcome? In short, you must be well prepared to lead change, not manage it.

The earlier we start mapping out the change that lies before your organization, the better. This trek is not a DIY proposition. Most leaders have yet to guide their people through change in a way that both preserves and propels productivity while ensuring a smooth transition. Plan on regular strategy and implementation sessions with Linda.


This trek is designed to deal with what could be a treacherous and fatal problem if not executed correctly. In terms of gear, we will rely on Kolbe. Problem solving requires instinct because it requires action – and that is what the assessment tools of Kolbe Corp. are designed to measure and reveal.

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